Life lessons in Pandemic

A couple of months ago, while I was reviewing for my upcoming boards (at home), I overheard my siblings and cousins talking about what were the things they learned during the quarantine. 

It’s just amazing to see and hear them discuss these things even though they have differing thoughts and realizations. But, it made me think as well. What are my thoughts too with this pandemic going? 

So, I took the time to list 9 life lessons I realized in the times of COVID-19 pandemic. Lessons that helped me make it through today and hopefully the days to come. 


#1 Slow down and Run Your Own Race

This pandemic has forced me to slow down in many ways. As a working young adult and a student at night, I have been on the go constantly since after college. I always liked to be busy, and hustle around. 

But this pandemic made a reason for me to pause a bit and really rethink my goals. I learned to appreciate and embrace a slower-paced life instead of rushing things to work in a frenzy. I go for a walk, spend time with my family, and just really appreciate the “now” more than ever. During this time, I also learned that we all dealt with different cards in life and it’s up for us how to win the cards we have. I have to focus on my own progress. Run my own race, not anybody else’s. 

#2 Learn to See the Shades of Gray

Recently, the House Committee made its decision to deny the ABS-CBN franchise after a 70/11 vote. Although I don’t really watch TV that much now, I am really saddened by the news. I have a lot of friends who are grieving with this loss, but I also have friends who are celebrating this win believing that violations were done by the corporation and some oligarch. So, who’s right among them?

This scenario made me realize that in life decisions, the choice is not always black and white. Sometimes, there is a sweet spot (not necessary in the middle) that you can choose between the Shades of Gray. Just like this scenario, I think neither of them is right or wrong. It depends upon the perception of the person to look beneath the underneath. Stay woke but not be too hypervigilant. 🙂

#3 Practice Delayed Gratification

This pandemic ruined our 2020 plans. Travels, job ventures, planned reunion, (and relationship too haha) basically everything. But it left me no choice but to delay everything I planned. Despite these uncertainties, it taught me to view a positive outlook on life. It reminded me to not wait for things to get better. Rather do things to make it better. 

#4 Revisit your Why (from time to time) 

Quarantine has given me ample time to reevaluate my “Why”. Basically my life goals. Where am I now? Am I still on the right vehicle? What should I do to keep me on track? 

This has also made me realize how important it is to check on my loved ones. It made me appreciate that being with my family and having friends are some of the best treasures I could have in this life. 

#5 Don’t depend on One Source of Income

It appears prudent now to be in the business or have an extra income. We don’t really know when or how this pandemic will end, but we know our resources are. We have to find ways to earn money. Start a business, be an online freelancer, tutor kids, become a reseller, etc. With multiple streams of income, you can avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. 

If you happen to see my post last week, I just started with this online business, a Forbes-listed global distribution company where people succeed through product movement and hard work. If you’re interested, just contact me

#6 Establish a routine

Since lockdown, my everyday schedule is a jumble of work and home commitments, which can be mentally and physically draining. 

Having a routine helped me to be in the right frame of mind and develop a healthy habit. This allows me to know what tasks I need to do each day which reduces chances of unproductivity. Although I have my own specific routine, there’s a recommendation by most freelancers that have proven to be effective, it’s called SAVERS

#7 Focus on things you can control

This pandemic allowed me to see a reality that there’s so much more I can’t control. And instead of being helpless or feeling hypervigilant, I learned to channel my energy and focus more on the things I can control. 

I taught myself to thrive to be resilient. I can’t control the current situation, but I can control my attitude towards it. I can control what I post on social media for example. I CAN ONLY CONTROL, WHAT I CAN CONTROL

#8 Listen to understand

I remember before ECQ, I really wanted to move out. I wanna try to live on my own. Work in the metro, decide things alone and try to be just independent –even if my parents wouldn’t allow me. 

But now, I realized I am so stupid. It’s never really wrong to be independent nor settle on your own. What I failed to realize is that I am missing the whole opportunity to spend time with my parents and family. I failed to see how lucky I am to have a job that I can do anywhere, at the same time get to spend quality time with them. That I have them to share my life aspirations with, my plans, my wickedness, and most especially my bills! 

Sometimes, we never really understand a situation if we don’t consider others point of view. We just listen to respond, not to understand. I learned that the best way to understand others is to listen to them.

#9 Be Grateful

With all these craziness in the world, I’ve realized just how temporary everything is. Though this pandemic felt like it dragged on, it was really just a small moment in time to be grateful of all the blessings God has bestowed us. Normalcy is fleeting –lots of lives were lost; stocks are going down; jobs were lost, even relationships too.

I am blessed to be alive even up to this day. I thank God for my friends, my colleagues turned family, my virtual workmates, my organizations, and all the people I’ve acquainted with. I am lucky to have a strong support system who acknowledges my ups and downs.I am privileged to have a job, health insurance, an online business that lets me work from home during this pandemic, keeping myself and loved ones safe. 

Although I didn’t need a pandemic to teach me to be grateful, it has been a time for me (and all of us) to take a step back and count each blessing we have. 

How about you? What important lessons have you learned during this pandemic? Let me know in the comment section. And if you find this helpful, feel free to share this with your friends. 

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