When I started blogging early this year, people have been asking me why, and for whom do I blog. Most of my friends really don’t know that I blog (although the closest ones knew that I was acquainted with the talented people of IBS). But, they see me more of pursuing politics or an educator than blogging.

So I asked myself, “Why”. I thought of it countless times honestly. It took me more than a year figuring out the reasons why I blog and how my ideal career lies in it. Thankfully the semester is ending and my freelancer-self had time to step back from all project works. This gave me enough time to really refocus and reflect.

Why exactly I blog?

After a serious conversation with myself, I tried to list down reasons as to how and why blogging has been both transformational and life-changing for me. But above all reasons, blogging made me realize that progress is more important than perfection. I am blogging now because I know I have so much to improve. Blogging has been fundamental in helping me shape my career plans. I know that this blog is not perfect and will continue to be a work in progress, but by constantly writing for the blog, I will never cease to grow.

This blog will serve as a reminder where I started and what keeps me moving forward. Blogging has made a significant change in me, of which I think beneficial for you as well. But more than these,

Blogging enables me:

  1. To organize my thoughts into words

This is one of the main reasons why I prefer writing than public speaking. The feeling that you have a lot in mind to say but you can’t express them in words properly (annoying right?). But blogging has taught me to put my swirled ideas in the most organized way possible. It’s like organizing first the main thought, then present a number of ideas that somehow fit together until it makes sense. The point is, no matter how amazing your idea may be or how perfect it may seem, that can’t live up to its potential if it’s not well organized.

  1. To discover some of my skills

I never thought blogging could take me into a whirlwind journey. From the usual school and home routine to being an event ninja, instant photographer, social media rockstar, and more. As a blogger, it is not enough that you only know how to write. You should have some skills in photography, videography, a little bit of design, branding, content creation and management, web development, social media, etc. And I think blogging coincidentally suits me well because I enjoy it.

  1. To connect

It is through blogging that I met with amazing individuals who guided and mentored me throughout the years. I don’t think I would be here I am today, both professionally and personally, without each and every mentor who helped me discover my potentials. Kudos to them!

  1. To learn more

Life is too short to not learn more. Honestly, I started blogging without much knowledge on SEO, analytics or web development. I was employed as a communications coordinator with less experience in social media management, customer service, layout design or even photography but still, here I am, using these skills. You see? Everything is possible if you open yourself to learning.

  1. To build my personal brand

The good thing about having a personal blog is that I can showcase the things I am passionate about. I could also build a brand around myself and the things I love doing. It allows people to learn more about me and connect with me.

And that’s it! I hope this helps. 🙂 Feel free to connect or chat with me if you want to learn more about blogging. I am more than willing to help.

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